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Founded in 1995,

McLaughlin & Edmondson works every day to make a difference for their clients



McLaughlin & Edmondson, LLC was originally formed in 1995 as McLaughlin & Marshall, LLC. Rodney Edmondson joined the firm in 2001 and Jeff and Rodney have been working as a team representing their clients since then. The firm offers a wide array of legal services including representing individuals injured in car wrecks and other personal injuries, as well as representing numerous locally-owned businesses and corporations. Additionally, the firm’s attorneys prepare wills and trusts, make forever families through adoptions, and probate estates across North Alabama. Clients include a number of area businesses, families, and individuals who live or work in Marshall County. The firm also has the pleasure of serving as City Attorneys and Prosecutors for the City of Arab and Counsel for the Marshall County Personnel Board, as well as a number of other boards, commissions, and state agencies.

Introducing our law firm

Our Business Sectors


Civil Litigation

Conflict happens. When it does, you’ll want trusted experts on your side. At M&E, we know how to fight to give our clients the best chance in ensuring conflict resolution in their favor.  Whether it is dealing with insurance companies in a car wreck, insurance claims, breach of contract, or complex will contest, our firm handles all types of civil litigation and lawsuits, from initial filing all the way through appeals to the Supreme Court.


Business & Corporate Law

Whether starting, buying, selling or running a business, businesses need experienced lawyers by their side. At M&E, we understand the language of business and the mechanisms of law, and, most importantly, how they fit together.  Let us help your business thrive!


Probate/Estate Law

M&E has great experience in probating estates, appointing guardians and conservators, and handling every type of action which goes through the Probate Court.

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Meeting Our Clients’ Needs


Relationships Matter

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Rock-solid representation got us through our adoption and our wills. Forever a loved part of our family.

Al & Barbara Grider


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A Full-Service Firm

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