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02. Business and Corporate Law

McLaughlin & Edmondson have been advising businesses of all sizes in everything from formation to dissolution and everything in between for decades.  In fact, we serve as corporate counsel for numerous North Alabama businesses.  Whether you are a single member limited liability company or a corporation with several different classes of shareholders, our team is here to assist you.


We offer a very competitive flat fee pricing for setting up limited liability companies (LLC) (including Series LLCs), for profit and not for profit corporations (Inc.), limited partnerships (LP) or more specialized General or Limited Partnerships (GP/LP) or Professional Associations (PA).  We will draft and record all required formation documents as well as ensuring you have other documents necessary for the carrying on of the particular business you are forming.


However, we don’t just get your new company formed and “throw you to the wolves”.  Our team is here to assist you as your business grows. Most of our business clients enjoy knowing that they have a legal team that knows their company and is available to assist them with any legal business issue that comes up.  Whether it be, contract preparation or review, employee issues including non-compete or solicitation agreements, civil litigation, liability and exposure evaluation, mergers, conversions, expansions, dissolutions or acquisitions.

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 a binding custom or practice of a community : a rule of conduct or action prescribed or formally recognized as binding or enforced by a controlling authority

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