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01. Civil Litigation



the act, process, or practice of settling a dispute in a court of law : the act or process of litigating

Conflicts arise and life happens.  Whether you find yourself injured or damaged, or being sued for something, you want and need an experienced legal team to assist you.  Our firm handles all types of civil litigation from case initiation all the way through settlement, trial or even any necessary appeals.

Over the years we have assisted clients in numerous areas of litigation including: car wrecks, wrongful death, serious work place accidents, breach of contract cases, fraud and undisclosed damage or faulty construction in home purchases, probate litigation, insurance issues and tenant/landlord matters.  If we can’t handle the matter, we will most of the time be able to assist you in getting to good competent representation to do so.


Our team of lawyers, paralegals and legal staff work together to ensure our clients are fully and passionately represented in their lawsuits.  Most of our new clients come to us from past client referrals and find themselves in need of legal representation for the first time.  Litigation is stressful and many times a lengthy process.  Let our experienced team help ease this stress and feel secured in knowing we are with you all the way through the process.

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